Bruni destroyed the idea of the first lady

Bruni destroyed the idea of the first ladyThe new first lady of France - who recently became the wife of President Nicolas Sarkozy, Italian ex-model and singer Carla Bruni Tedeschi - claim a unique position compared to all his predecessors.Needless to say, yet no one French wife of the leader of the country's inhabitants had no opportunity to see the pages of men's magazine in the same boots.But the Protocol service of the Elysee Palace nourishes much more serious of hope due to the fact that in the international arena culture and social life of France will now present a woman a "new breed". The head of Jean-Pierre Basaguren feels the wind of change in his Department.Indeed, until now the personal relations of the presidential couple were not so strictly regulated, but have never gone behind the scenes for certain limits. For example, the couple was taken to address each other with "you", and some couples even prefer to arrange meetings at official ceremonies through their private secretaries.Sarkozy and Bruni are a complete contrast to the established on the Champs Elysees stereotype of the President and his first lady. They are still up to the wedding were amazingly candid with reporters, talking about his personal life, did not hide mutual feelings during the foreign trips and publicly embraced in the Tuileries, frivolous and informal walk through which is itself unthinkable for previous presidents and their wives.Model past MS Bruni also able to play into the hands of France. Spouse Nicolas Sarkozy can afford to wear to a formal event dresses from the most famous French couturier, without requiring adjustment of the costume on the figure. That prospect inspired and Parisian officials, and designers, not without reason, the pending surge in popularity of clothes Made in France. Читать полностью -->

Bashmet won Grammy

Bashmet won GrammyIn Los Angeles ended with a 50th awards ceremony of the American Academy of a sound recording Grammy. The action was for Russia is very fortunate, because a gramophone in one of the most prestigious nominations received Yuri Bashmet.The show opened with a virtual duet of the singer Alicia Keyes with legendary performer Frank Sinatra. A recording of the speech, which the singer-legend opened the first Grammy ceremony in 1958, was broadcast on a huge screen, and Keyes live accompanied him on the piano and sang.The ceremony was attended by canadian artists of Cirque du Soleil, the famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, a former member of the legendary Quartet, the Beatles ' Ringo Starr, 25-time Grammy award winner Stevie wonder, as well as renowned artists Nelly Furtado, brad Paisley, kid Rock, fergie.This year the undisputed winner was a young singer from the UK, Amy Winehouse. It has been reported in six categories, five of which fell to her share. Winehouse received well-deserved Grammy statuettes for best debut, best pop album (Back To Black), best female performance of the pop song (Rehab), this composition was also named song of the year and best recording of the year. In addition, Grammy was awarded the producer of the singer's Back to Black mark Ronson.But Amy to take part in the ceremony could not, because she was denied an entry visa in USA. Читать полностью -->

In Sochi was seized by the office of Rudkovskaya

In Sochi was seized by the office of RudkovskayaThe father of the Bilan's producer called the police to fight back prevented the salon peopleYesterday at ten o'clock in the morning a group of men entered in a beauty salon Yana Rudkovskaya, located in the city of Sochi. In a matter of minutes in the room rented by LLC "French beauty Studio", were cut off water and light.The staff of the salon was paralyzed.As it became known "Your DAY", a few days earlier, on April 6, representatives Rudkovskaya and Baturina reached an agreement on extending the lease of premises which houses a beauty salon, a period of five years. This document, signed by Victor Baturina, is lawyers Yana Rudkovskaya. And beauty "lodges" in the room on Park street Sochi quite legally. But despite this, the office now is like on the front line. Unknown people got the pipe on which the cabin is supplied with water. Читать полностью -->

Daughter of Tom cruise was 2 years

Daughter of Tom cruise was 2 years Yesterday little Suri is the daughter of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes celebrated her second birthday. On this occasion, her parents had a barbecue in the Hollywood hills.Party parents of Katie, Tom's mother and his two adopted children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, as well as several families with children. For kids was baked a huge cake with 24 small cakes on the perimeter, while the adults cooked barbecue. Of course, the celebration was closed, so the paparazzi could photograph him only from the height of bird flight.According to rumors, the family cruise and Holmes aren't perfect. Katie even wanted to take a two year old daughter with me to new York, where she was offered a role on Broadway. With the turn of events didn't agree. Читать полностью -->

Chilean tenor went to prison for rape

Chilean tenor went to prison for rapeChilean tenor Ernesto "Tito" Beltran Tuesday was sentenced by the court of Sweden to two years in prison for a rape committed in 1999 during the concert tour, reports the BBC.By a court of Ystad, a 42-year-old Opera singer will also have to pay compensation to the victim. After the verdict, Beltran expressed his disappointment and said that was the victim of slander and denies any wrongdoing. The singer intends to appeal the verdict.Tito Beltran lives in Sweden since 1986. He has recorded four solo albums and has performed in many Opera theaters around the world, including at the opening of the Odessa Opera theatre in 2007 after 11 years of reconstruction. Source: Chilean tenor went to prison for rape. . Читать полностью -->

Kevin Motherhood Spears spends money on entertainment

Kevin Motherhood Spears spends money on entertainment"Father of the year Kevin Motherhood recently made his ex-wife Britney Spears to pay 375 thousand dollars of expenses for attorneys, stating that he had no money.However, at the disposal of the magazine OK! got the court documents, which contain interesting information about how the spend their money much More, including due to him from the Spears as alimony.So, from the documents that in 8 months the much More spent on hotels and meals in Las Vegas a total of 50 thousand 489 dollarov. In one afternoon Kevin spent at the club TAO Beach 2632 dollars. The other day he spent 2862 dollars in a nightclub TAO. And the time spent at the club at Hard Rock Beach Club cost him 3008 dollars. Then there was new year's eve party in the elite club Scores, where the Motherhood spent 2365 dollars.The Federline's lawyer mark Vincent Kaplan is justified: "how Much Mr. Motherhood spent on gifts, entertainment or parties doesn't matter. Читать полностью -->

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